Choral Reading

Choral reading is reading aloud in unison with a whole class or group of students. Choral reading helps build students' fluency, self-confidence, and motivation. Because students are reading aloud together, students who may ordinarily feel self-conscious or nervous about reading aloud have built-in support.

Why use choral reading?
  • It can provide less skilled readers the opportunity to practice and receive support before being required to read on their own.
  • It provides a model for fluent reading as students listen.
  • It helps improve the ability to read sight words.

How to use choral reading:

  1. Choose a book or passage that works well for reading aloud as a group:
    • patterned or predictable
    • not too long; and
    • is at the independent reading level of most students
  2. Provide each student a copy of the text so they may follow along. (Note: You may wish to use an overhead projector or place students at a computer monitor with the text on the screen)
  3. Read the passage or story aloud and model fluent reading for the students.
  4. Ask the students to use a marker or finger to follow along with the text as they read.
  5. Reread the passage and have all students in the group read the story or passage aloud in unison.


Choral reading is a great reading resource, especially for foreign language teachers. Students often struggle with pronunciation but are embarrassed to read passages alone for the class. I would choose a short passage in Spanish for the students to read and distribute copies them. Before we start reading, I would point out words in the passage that they may find difficult to pronounce and review the pronunciation. I, as the teacher, would first read the passage aloud to model correct pronunciation. Then, I'd have students read the passage in unison. Finally, I'd review any words or phrases that they may have struggled with and have all students read these words or phrases again.

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