Emily Lima

During Reading Strategy

Strategy Log

Example: Keats’ “A Thing of Beauty”

The Strategy Log is a simple note-taking tool designed to help students identify the strategies they use while reading. The Strategy Log helps students monitor their own reading habits and keep a "diary" of reading activities and the specific strategies they employ. At a deeper level, the Strategy Log allows students to self-assess their own facility with multiple reading strategies. Logs often reveal that students overuse some strategies, while failing to use others. Logs also show deficiencies in student understanding of specific strategies and failures to match the appropriate strategy to a reading task.

Steps to Strategy Logs:

Explain the purposes of Strategy Logs, particularly their diagnostic power—their ability to uncover specific strengths and weaknesses in a student's approach to reading.

Explain Strategy Log to students and why we are doing this activity.

Present the Strategy Log form (see image below) and give examples of self-analysis of reading habits.

I hand out copies of the Strategy Log to each student. I then read a short selection, and as I am doing so, I think aloud through the problems I am having. I stop and explain each problem, where the problem was, how I worked through it, and if it helped me.


Don't forget to provide students with a list of possible reading strategies to be recorded in the log. If any strategy is unclear, take the opportunity to "reteach" this strategy to the class.

Class brainstorms about different reading strategies they know how to use. I re-teach any that are unclear and suggest new ones they have not thought of.

Create a "trial" assignment with all students reading the same selection, completing the Strategy Log form during class time, and discussing their observations with one another.

Class breaks up into small groups of three or four students each. They read John Keats’ poem “A Thing of Beauty.” Students complete strategy logs, then discuss their experiences with each other.

(Activity adapted from __http://www.justreadnow.com/strategies/log.htm__)