Melanie Sherburne
EDE 404

During Strategy

Description: By folding a piece of paper in half and using it as a bookmark, it will help the student keep their place in their reading and they will also have readily available to jot down there notes about the reading and a place to answer specific questions. They can write down specific information as they come across it in the reading or may illustrate thoughts about what they are reading. Bookmarks can promote any of the following strategies; connecting, questioning, visualizing, inferring and summarizing.

Purpose: This strategy is very good at connecting the student to what they are reading. By writing down key points as they come across them, it reinforces their knowledge of the material. It also sparks prior knowledge and their new opinions as they formulate. Creating a deeper connection to the material heightens the meaningfulness of the material and the retention of that material.

How to use it:
· Model on an overhead transparency or board what a bookmark might look like for a particular assignment. Provide specific directions for what to place on the bookmark.
· Do a collaborative trial. Collectively read a page or pages and complete a bookmark using the direction you modeled and compare notes.
· At the completion of the reading, the class should collectively or in smaller groups share their independent bookmarks. By discussing them with the other students, it reinforces their understanding of the reading and variation on its interpretation.

This is a very good strategy to not only help in recalling the material learned but to reach a deeper intellectual level of learning and retention. It stimulates the reader to not just absorb the words but to think and interpret what the words are saying. It forces the reader to constantly ask questions and answer those questions as they are reading. It taps into a deeper level of understanding and retention.
This would be the perfect application to current readings, articles or newspaper printing. There recently was an article in the newspaper written on the subject of passing safety laws such as wearing seatbelts in automobiles. I would have the students take notes specific to three areas: Statistics that were presented, personal responses and questions concerning the information.

Reference: Subjects Matter, Harvey Daniels + Steven Zemelman