Melanie Sherburne
EDE 404

During Strategy
It Says / I Say

Description: The teacher will present three questions for the student to answer during the reading exercise. These questions require the student to infer rather than just find the answers within the context of the reading. The header questions, which would outline three columns are: It Says, I say, What Now. Students must look into the reading material to find the answer to column one. They then need to start to summarize their own interpretation of the material to answer column two and lastly, they have to draw conclusions or inferences that will attempt to answer the question and begin to project what may then happen.

Purpose: This strategy helps the reader to get a fuller understanding of what they are actually reading, learning. Many students read the words but do not have a good understanding of the meaning of what they just read or what is actually implied. This helps students to get a broader understanding of what the words they are reading mean. It helps them to not only understand the words but what their interpretation is of the content. This application is very helpful especially for struggling readers. It disciplines then to reach for a deeper understanding of what they are reading.

How it works:
· Modeling is very important for the students to benefit for this strategy. The teacher can pick an article or short reading to use as a model. After collectively reading, the teacher can introduce the three columns, either on an overhead, board or pre-printed worksheet.
· The three titled columns would be presented, It Says, I say, what now. The students would attempt to answer these questions with the assistance of the teacher. With open discussion and prompting from the teacher, the students can answer and fill in these questions.
· This strategy is also benefits from open or small group discussion. Students complete the charts and then discuss their answers with their peers. This can also enlighten the students to difference interpretations of the material.

I would implement this strategy when reading a point that could stimulate deep opinions and thoughts. I had previously referred the book “Night” which addressed the Holocaust. This strategy would work well with the students identifying, thinking and concluding. Three questions I may ask would be;
1. What was the first act of aggression by the Germans that indicated their intent against the Jews?
2. What was the first sign of Psychological Aggression/Manipulation?
3. At the end of the book, who was in control of the Jews?

Reference: Subjects Matter, Harvey Daniels + Steven Zemelman