During Reading Strategy: Context Clues: Restatement

Description: A writer may restate the meaning of a difficult word within a sentence, defining it for you. Restatements are often signaled by words or phrases such as: or, also called, which is, also known as, that is, in other words.

Purpose: The context clue – restatement – helps the reader to understand difficult vocabulary, make inferences, and improve reading comprehension. During an assigned reading I would first model the strategy. I would read a passage such as the following: Some plate boundaries are divergent, that is, they move apart. As a whole group we would take that sentence and I would ask students the following:

  1. Identify the unfamiliar word.
  2. Look for a word or phrase that may signal that a restatement follows.
  3. Find the restated information.
  4. Use this information to figure out what the unfamiliar word means.
  5. Find the word in the dictionary and write the word and its definition.

I would write their correct responses on the overhead projector. Students would then, if there were no further questions or concerns, move into their independent reading level groups with a hand-out that asks the same questions from the over-head projector.

Source: www.ezinarticles.com