This page by: Katelyn Connolly PetterutiWhat is Book in a Box?
Book in a Box is an activity where students take a selection that they have read and create a visual depiction of it. Every element of the design of the box would be considered because each element is reflective of some piece of the material that the students have read.

Why use Book in a Box?
Book in a Box allows students who are visual and artistic to shine. It is a project that incorporates visual learning, demonstration and discussion. Students use what they have learned in their reading to create a vibrant visual representation of their reading. It is a project that calls upon the students to think creatively, make connections, design and create.

How to use Book in a Box:
After the students have read the selection, they get a shoe box and design all of the surfaces of the box to represent the reading selection or a particular facet of that selection. The box can include found items or student created sculpture. The students should present their projects and/or have a written rational sheet as to what each aspect of the project represents from the selected reading.
A site with an example of a project

Johnny Tremain by Esther ForbesAfter reading the book, have the students pick a particular scene from Johnny Tremain and depict it in their book in a box. For example, a student may pick the Tea Party scene. They would then need to have a depiction of or reference to a boat. There would need to be reference to what the characters looked like, who was there, the time of day, the circumstances, the emotions and motivations of the characters, etc. Students would then present their book in a box to the class explaining the rational behind the colors, shapes and object choices. How is their visual depiction relevant to the story.