This page by: Katelyn Connolly Petteruti

What is a Business Card Book?

A business card book is a summary of the story written in the most compelling way you can on paper the size of a business card.

Why use a Business Card Book?

This activity helps students to focus in on the important parts of the story. They must rewrite the story arch in a compelling way on a small sheet of paper. This activity helps students identify the main points of the story and creatively rebuild them within a word limit constraint.

How to use Business Card Book?

Have the students make notes while reading. They should pick out the important parts of the story. Then give students a small business size piece of paper to retell the story in a compelling way that includes the main and necessary details of the reading.

Have the students read a first hand account from a Civil War diary. Then have the students take out the important pieces from that diary and rewrite the story in their own words making sure they include all the important highlights from their reading.