Post-Reading: Peer Practice

  • In peer practice, students help each other to review, drill, and rehearse in pairs or in small groups of three or four. They are able to consolidate their understanding and enhance their skill development.
  • It is a strategy based on collaboration between students rather than an independent learning process.
  • Students are taught how to help one another to become successful in completing a task.
  • It helps students develop cooperative skills and at the same time allows a teacher to cover the curriculum.
  • Students work together as peer partners, each functiong in turn as the "doer" and the "guide" in completing the task. The guide evaluates the doer's performance against specific criteria established by the teacher (this is a possible option).

Why use the Peer Practice post-reading strategy?

  • Peer practice is an interpersonal reading strategy that focuses on acquiring new knowledge and practicing vital skills.
  • This reading strategy can increase fluency.

How to use the Peer Practice post-reading strategy.

  • Reciprocal learning is one method of teaching in this strategy.
  • Depending on the content area, students can work together to review a story that was read, drill eachother with scientific or math facts, etc.
  • The teacher can divide the students into groups of 3 or 4 (they can be grouped by ability to help all learners) and provide the established criteria.

(See below for an example of how the Peer Practice post-reading strategy can be used in a mathematics classroom.)

The teacher in a mathematics classroom can divide the students into small groups of 3 or 4. If the lesson had been on square roots, a worksheet could be made up in advance with problems that increase in difficulty. The groups, made up of students of varying abilities, will work together/quiz eachother on the problems. If any questions arise, they will collaborate to try and solve the problem before the teacher is asked. The teacher will walk amongst the groups to note progress.

(This has been adapted from
Laura Soscia