Popcorn Review- Post Reading Strategy
Description: After reading, 4-5 students sit in front of the class. One student stands and makes a statement about the reading. Another student stands and elaborateson or responds to the statement. Class members hold the popcorn reviewers accountable for accuracy, based on the reading. They must listen and correctthe Popcorn reviewers if they give innaccurate information. This is great for non-fiction text and to use as a review as well. Why Use Popcorn Review: This is a great after-reading strategy to use in an active classroom environment. This strategy allows students to have an interactive review of facts,procedures, and concepts and share their ideas, interpretations and reflections. Through this activity students are held responsible for what they’ve learnedand are given an opportunity to learn from each other. It is a student lead discussion that reviews the facts recently learned, with students not participatingin leading the discussion checking for inaccuracies and interjecting with other relevant information. This is also a great strategy to keep students engageand paying attention, because they must listen for inaccuracies. Steps to Using Popcorn Review:1. Choose an informational text that could be used for Popcorn Review.2. After reading, have groups of 4-5 students stand in front of the room.3. They must take turns stating a fact from their reading. 4. Students who are not in the front must pay attention for any inaccuracies and correct them.5. The popcorn reviewers add information by building off of one another.6. Have different groups come up and give them a different sub-topic from the reading to report out on. How I Would Use Popcorn Review:
I would use this technique after students read an informative text on one of our country studies. Students will learn about a different region of Spain each
week and will read about each regions population, culture, history, government etc. I will divide students into groups and assign each group a region. They will have five minutes to review the informational packets on their region. Each group will take turns being the Popcorn Reviewers. I will turn it into a game where each group gets a point for each correct statement or fact they state. If the students in the crowd catch and correct an inaccurate statement, they will receive 2 points for their groups. This will be a great way to culminate their knowledge of the different regions while making it fun and engaging and keeping students interests throughout the whole lesson.

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