Frayer Model
The Frayer Model is a tool used to help students develop their vocabulary. Frayer believes that students develop a stronger understanding of concepts when they study them in a relational manner.
Students write a particular word in the middle of a box and proceed to list characteristics, examples, non-examples, and a definition in other quadrants of the box. They can proceed in any order: using the examples and characteristics to help them formulate a definition, or using the definition to determine examples and non-examples.

external image unit42_lesson3_diagram.jpg

Example: In US History working on a chapter on the Bill of Rights students would take the Frayer Model worksheet and fill in the particular Amendment being the middle. For example, The First Amendment. In the upper left they would define the amendment, i.e freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion. In the upper right they would list some characteristics. In the lower right they would give some non-examples of rights the Amendment was not meant to protect. In the lower left some examples of rights that the amendment did cover