This page by: Katelyn Connolly Petteruti

What is an Anticipation Guide?

"Anticipation Guides are a series of statements with which students are asked to agree or disagree." National Service Resources

Why use an Anticipation Guide?

The Anticipation Guides help to get students thinking about a topic. They activate prior knowledge by asking the students to agree or disagree with a statement that they have some familiarity with.

How to use Anticipation Guides:

"Identify the major theme or concepts in the story and create statements based on them. Write three to five statements and ask students to think about each one and decide if they agree or disagree. Students can write their answers and/or discuss them with tutors, student groups or the whole class both before and after reading." National Service Resources

"If students are about to read Thank You, Mr. Falker by Patricia Polacco, the questions should be about teachers, hard work, or learning differences, not about the specific characters or settings." National Service Resources